The Belmont Square Conference Center is under new ownership!
Belmont Square is under the new ownership of J & J Conferences.
Why is the Belmont Square Conference Center under new ownership?
The Belmont Square Trust proceeded to close their doors on 31st December 2016 as their core business is the building industry. J & J Conferences decided to keep the conference centre operational.
What is J & J Conferences?
J & J Conferences is a company that is founded & directed by two women with extensive knowledge in the catering & events industry.
Who is in charge of the conference center?
J & J Conferences, a company founded by Jay Dasari & Justine Hanslo.
Who do I speak to for help with planning my event?

Please contact Lloyd Dasari or Chad Hanslo here.

will the name of the branding change?
Yes, it is J & J Conferences at Belmont Square.
will the name of the building change?
No it will still remain Belmont Square.

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